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An End to Means

Jeric / Jul 03, 2017
There are "means" guilds and there are "end" guilds.

Means guilds are centered on game tasks and objectives, particularly of the larger scale variety like raids, metas and wvw, where a lot of bodies are needed to accomplish objectives. It doesn't matter who fills the spot as long as all the spot gets filled.

End guilds are more concerned with a person's individual value, solidarity, and the cohesiveness of small groups.

VALA is an end guild. We are a family. We are home. We know eachother by first name and we are implicitly interested in the company of our members, even if we are standing around in Lion's Arch. Many of us work all day, or go to school, or engage in some other semblance of adult life and come to Tyria to unwind and relax and game in the company of friends.

At some point, specifically around the desire to raid, we compromised our end mentality for a means one. We compromised on processes specifically put in place to acquire more folks like us, to protect our members from the banality of an average guild experience. And it cost us. Some got upset because we hesitated to adhere to a means mentality. Others chose not to represent and still do begging the question, "why be here?"

No more. We are not interested in sitting idly in a guild slot. The grass is not, in fact, greener on the other side. We are nurturing this lawn right here and every blade of grass makes up the whole. Every blade has a name.

That being said, I want to bring your attention to some guild changes we will be making.


Effective July 10, 2017 we will no longer have a universal open rep policy. It will be as follows:

Keepers: No rep. You are encouraged to rep with us, but as this is an exploratory rank, you are not required to do so.

Istari: Active rep. At this point you have decided you like us and want to be a member of our family. That is shown by actively repping with us when you partake in activities with us at the very least

Maiar and Valar: Majority rep. As a leader of this guild you are expected to lead by example and be present for our members. That means that regardless of your personal activity, you are required to rep with us most of the time.

Please understand that we know that repping isn't the whole equation. Being active and present speaks volumes and that will continue to be a heavy focus. But I don't think its out of line to say that we want you with us as much as you possibly can. We need you with us.


Rank descriptions are being updated to reflect the new repping guidelines and will also have more specific and tangible benefits. Also, we are considering a lower level officer rank that is sort of a transition into the Maia rank.

Also, we are re-evaluating the Vale Emissary rank and looking into a sort of mentorship option for new members.


To date, our meetings have been of a more ad hoc nature. Going forward we will be holding guild-wide meetings regularly, though the frequancy is still being determined. And promotions will be of a more celebratory nature, with a quasi-rp in-game element.

Thank you all for reading, and if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask, either myself (Jeric) or Amanda (Anhyrenkai).



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