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Brave New World

Jeric / Jun 09, 2017
Thanks to Seki, masquerading as the enigmatic Datura, for the wonderful background image for the guild website! She submitted it to ANet, too, so let's wish her luck in getting some recognition!

I can't help but think of how timely this is, with a new xpac on the horizon, and how amazing it is to explore Tyria with all of you. It's going to be an amazing year together. I know I am looking forward to it!

The guild website will be a bit under construction for the next couple of weeks as we tweak it to be more reflective of us and less of a GW2 template, much as we love that =P So we ask that you please bear with us through the changes.

Tweaks will be made to ranks and leadership as well, so stay tuned to that info cropping up here in news as well as in game.

See you all in Tyria!


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