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Raiding Revamp

Jeric / Sep 30, 2016
Hail Keepers!

We have run into one of the better issues a small guild can have, if one is going to have issues at all: having more people signed up to raid than raid spots available.

We are going into our fourth week of raiding after taking a week off to work on gearing some of our members for raiding. We put the raid event up for Oct 1 and it filled up almost instantly. We have been taking a first-come first serve approach, but we hit a snag. The Vale Guardian has a fairly specific group composition requirement: 1 tank, 1 healer, 3 condi dps and 5 dps. We were looking at a full raid and two of our condi dps members had not signed up.

We could hardly go back (and be fair) on our first-come first-serve plan. But now we were facing a raid group not prepared for the Vale Guardian. What were we to do? We could:

  1. Postpone the raid until we remedy the situation
  2. See about getting two more of those signed up to run condi gear
  3. See about swapping two that signed up for the two already geared
  4. Try a different raid wing
After two days of discussion, we opted for number 4. And then we revamped our raid plan entirely. Our reasoning is this: Raiding is challenging both from a gameplay standpoint and an organizational one. We want to navigate that line as balanced as we can so that our people have the opportunity to play raid content in fun and fellowship and also be able to count on a consistent opportunity to participate.

We could not do option 1 because that creates inconsistency. We could not do option 2 because there simply is not enough time to adequately gear two individuals in time for the raid. We could not do option 3 because it isn't fair and it is inconstant with expectations we had set for the raid.

So we chose option 4. We chose a raid wing that does not have the group composition requirements that Spirit Vale does, so we can go with the group who is signed up. It's not a perfect solution, and myself (Jeric), Amanda (Cavalon) and Jamey (Winter) are very sorry that a couple of you who were expecting to raid will not be able to this week. But we have a plan in place to stave off that occurring again...

To wit, we have revamped our approach to raiding and are coming at it in a 3-pronged way:

  1. The Main Raid will stay as is on Saturday evenings. It will be first come, first serve with overflow signups getting precedence in the following week's Main Raid
  2. There will be a mid-week (Wednesday night) raid, focusing on practicing the raid encounters, that will draw on who is on at the time with empty spots to be filled with PUGs
  3. Finally, Jamey (Winter), our Maia of Adventure, will be running a more structured (without compromising fun) raid that will be focusing on the raid content that has stricter group composition requirements (Wing 1 basically). He will be assembling a master roster of everyone who is interested in raiding and drawing individuals from that roster to create raid groups that meet the compositional requirements necessary.
Thank you all for being understanding and patient as we work through the kinks in this process. It is a work in progress and we are doing everything we can to make sure it is a fun and rewarding thing for all in KoV who want to raid.



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