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Jeric / Sep 25, 2016
The Vale in the North

As some of you know already, the name Valinor has two meanings for us.

The first refers to Tolkien's mystical land in the west beyond the sea, where the Valar dwelled and the elves migrated to at the end of their time on Middle Earth. But it was the idea of the place, far-reaching, hallowed and beyond that really called to us.

The second meaning is more Tyrian. In order to ground ourselves in Tyria (not Middle Earth) we needed to connect the idea of the name of Valinor to Tyria. In working it out, it became evident that Valinor could easily serve as a portmanteau of the words "vale in the north." The Northern Shiverpeaks came easily to mind, being both our server name and physically representative of such a place in Tyria.

We had identified the starting place of our guild story. Now, we just needed to find it in the world, so we could interact with it as a guild.

And found it we have.

There is a place in Timberline Falls (above) that captures it perfectly, as well as a place nearby in Lornar's Pass that provides some additional story background that is currently in the works. What we want is a guild story that everyone, in their own way, can plug into and we are working to do just that.


The most far-reaching activity we have attempted as a guild is raiding. And we have had a few very good attempts so far. But we have determined that a certain amount of focus and organization is needed to really be successful at it. To that end, we have put together a Raid Primer that gives you all the info you need to be prepared for raiding in KoV. If you want to join us, please review it and let Jamey (Winter), Amanda (Cavalon) or myself know and we will see to it you have help getting outfitted and prepped for raiding.

Let's reach far together!


As a suggestion (I mentioned this yesterday), I would like to start raiding ASAP and trying to get newer players used to the fight while getting geared up. You can earn Magnetite shards by getting Vale Guardian to half health (10 shards each)
I did not know that, Arc! That is excellent news!

Be sure to review the raid primer and if you need help with anything, let us know. Otherwise, be sure to sign up for the raid.

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