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Mission: Possible

Jeric / Sep 13, 2016
More often than not, reward does not come without some measure of risk. And such is true of guild missions, especially for a smaller guild like ours. But this week we nailed it, completing all but two of our available missions. And two that we did complete, the challenge and conquest missions, had odds stacked against us. But we emerged victorious and our Keepers walked away with a pile of commendations and the guild capped its favor for the week. Well done all!

Reward isn't just about commendations or favor, it's about camaraderie and teamwork and the thrill of the mission being accomplished together. They say, if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. That's what we do in KoV, we go far because we go together. And then, for our efforts, we might just get a reward of a different kind: a scene of stark beauty, hidden away at the end of the challenge for those with the staying power to achieve it.

It's crystal clear: in KoV, we make it possible.

Thanks all for a wonderful run of guild missions this past Sunday. Let's do it again this week!

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Seriously, Awesome job on Sunday everyone!!! That PvP mission was not easy and we nailed it in just two rounds! Also, with only 2 teams of 3! I'm sure we made some enemies in those fights!

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