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Keepers Chronicle - June 6, 2016

by Jeric on Aug 16, 2016 at 10:23 AM}
Copied from Discord for posterity. Now that we have a permanent and searchable repository of our exploits, I am moving this here.

The 186th day, Season of the Scion, 1329 AE (June 6, 2016)

When I arrived in Lion’s Arch, a bird brought news that Bezzy had absconded with our beloved commander, Cavalon, to go rock climbing in the Iron Marches. *thinks for a moment* Was it the Iron Marches…?

Once they returned, Cavi made a call to attend to the daily matters of the realm. Why they had us climbing a spire of lichen-encrusted rock in old Orr, we’ll never know. There wasn’t even a chest at the top to make it all worthwhile. At least the company was merry, right?

Added to that, we had to run to Brisban (running into Rai and Schlut on the way) to alleviate a deluge of errant Hylek. The death toll was alarming. Us: 1, Them: Too many to count. Who died on our side, you ask? Helblade, of course. We’re used to it. So is he. *whispers* I actually don’t remember if he did then or later, what matters most is it DID happen at least once during the evening.

We also were asked to acquire ore of any type we could find. Winter forgot to bring his tool …and got left behind going to look for it.

Cavalon assembled a group to explore the Fractals. Upon their return, a second group headed into the Mists. This is noteworthy because we have gone from the same group doing Fractals every night to having to swap one person to having to run nearly two groups.

While they did the first Fractal run, myself, Arach and Winter tested our mettle against a fearsome opponent. Okay, it was a target dummy that we were pretending was a fearsome opponent. The numbers were telling: I get to stay in Marauder gear, Arach found the focus on burns underwhelming and is going to explore a new build, and Winter was right about where he needed to be, serving as a benchmark for myself and Arach.

VPotD (VALA Phrase of the Day): I don’t know the exact phrase, but Most said something about horny harpies…


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