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Player Journals

RP Debriefing

June 08/17After dismantling the nightmare court's plan, VALA got themselves a new member: Through a bit of hard work and a lot of killing, Fright earned his freedom.Scyla, Tabeua, Veil and Ainmuria each went on their separate ways, no longer feeli...
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Player Journals

The Tales of Jeric's Exploits in Tyria

In these pages I seek to chronicle the exploits of all the personae I inhabit in this wondrous realm called Tyria and perhaps, on occasion, I will give you a glimpse into the real world as well...As I am resolved to finish this before I lay my hea...
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Player Journals

The price of freedom[Shade's journal]

[You will find bellow the Journal of Shade, self proclaimed priest of wyverns. By respect of the continuity in the story I will ask you not to comment on this tread. All progress in game will be written accordingly to how she sees it as she gains ...
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