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For chronicling individual player events, happenings and rp
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The Ainulindale (Storytelling)

How to Make Gourmet Pig Slop

This story will seem odd to the ones who are familiar with the Charr culture.Meat of all kinds, booze at will, they are not known as picky eaters, so long their bellies are filled, and their bodies drunk till comes the time to fight.There was a ru...
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The Ainulindale (Storytelling)

Of Fire and Smoke.Ô misty eye of the mountain bellow,Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls,And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke,Keep watching over the Khan-ur's sons.Do you know how it feels... waking up one...
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The Ainulindale (Storytelling)


Hello everyone. Since I will be running the RP section of the guild. I just wanted to ask each of you to please take the time to find a theme song for the character you are going to be roleplaying the most. When you find one, please find a way to ...
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The Ainulindale (Storytelling)

The Shield and the Door: RP Notes from 09.13.2016

On Veil ArachVeil had heard Zhaitan's call all her life. Ever since she was a small child, she has listened to it make soothing promises and conditional comforts. It was her constant companion. As she grew older, it began to ask things of her: con...
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The Ainulindale (Storytelling)

The sword, the shield and the dagger.

Part I: The shieldMany centuries has passed since the great war between humans and Charr. Yet we still struggle agaisnt their ghosts. My father deserted, the false gods still drive apart our brother in arms through the grip of the flame legion an...
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The Ainulindale (Storytelling)

Of Ash and Associations: RP Notes from 09.12.2016

On Mostblank...Turns out we don't know much of Most's history (not even he does), but here is what we uncovered: He awoke in the Mists, with no recollection of how he got there, and escaped through an Asura gate, ending up in Lion's Arch They (we ...
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The Ainulindale (Storytelling)

The one who couldn't dream.

Day 1, Sacred.Before the light enveloped me, before I had any contact with this world, all around me was pitch black. When I first opened my eyes, there was nothing before that point. No memories, no images. I looked around hearing people talking ...
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