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June 08/17
After dismantling the nightmare court's plan, VALA got themselves a new member: Through a bit of hard work and a lot of killing, Fright earned his freedom.
Scyla, Tabeua, Veil and Ainmuria each went on their separate ways, no longer feeling a threat from the ex prisoner.

On his side, Fright wandered around, questioning himself. For the first time he protected and saved beings rather than erasing himself from the picture and watching them slowly die. Not being part of any battles in a very long, he found once more a taste for blood. Both feelings entangles in his spirit, conflicting with his past deeds and his present desires.
He was free... Unexpectedly freedom left a bitter taste in his mind. He caught himself returning to the little jail cell in VALA's hall. He craved the violence, the combat, the blood, but also something new to him: a place to call home.
So he waited, patiently, sitting willingly in what he likes to call now his ''bird cage''.
''~May the Wyvern guide you through your journey~''
Shade, Wyvern Priest.

''You stop living the day you start to fear death. Death is an illusion as souls will come back claiming their vengeance: And I am their call!''

''Don't be scared, child. As long as these paws can hold a shield, I will protect you.''
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