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RP night

Date: Oct 12, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 09:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Category: Open World
Hello everyone, Sekiann here.
As you may have noticed I am now back on the game, bringing with me the revamp guild role play nights!
They will be planned every thursday nights between 9 pm and Midnight.

For those who participate I will need you to first sign up here with the character you intend to participate with and submit a brief background story of that said character(either on here or on discord via private message).
The role play will be updated through the website after each and every session as a debriefing.
The character you will pick will have to be a persistant one, meaning it will have to present throughout the entire role play arc( some arcs will end only after several role play sessions.).

This is to ensure character development and consistency.

If you participate in the beginning of an arc and then become unable to take part in the role play session fallowing that arc, please let me know through discord or the website itself.

If you signed for an arc and absent yourself without any notice, you will have up to 2 warnings.
the third warning will get you excluded from the role play events for a month.
Writing a message to forwarn of an absence only takes few seconds.

All that being said,
The first role play session will be Thursday the 12th.

Happy hunting!
Elementalist (2)

2. Melisandris Elementalist

M. Gaer Blisterheart Elementalist

Engineer (0)


Guardian (1)

3. Dyna Thorne Guardian

Mesmer (1)

5. Izuna Kagami Mesmer

Necromancer (1)

4. Veil Arach Necromancer

Ranger (0)


Revenant (0)


Thief (1)
Warrior (0)



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Side note: Same policy applies to people late for more than 30 minutes as people who are absent for the whole event.
Warn me up ahead or consequences may fallow ^.^

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