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Jeric / Jan 06, 2017

Hail Keepers!Thank you all again for such a wonderful first year of VALA! I feel fortunate to be able to enjoy Guild Wars 2 in the company of each and every one of you, and I know that I am not the only one who shares this sentiment. When Amanda a...

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Important Game Info
Guild Missions ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Guide to Bounty Targets at Dulfy
For finding out where to kill Trillia...again

Guide to Trek Locations at Dulfy
For wishing you had 100% map completion

Professions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

For min/maxing your little build out

An excellent build editor and great place for info on skills and related mechanics for all professions

For efficiently leveling those trade skills

Misc ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

An aggregator of all things do you think Fonz figured out how many deaths per hour he has??

Heart of Thorns Map Timer at Dulfy
Real-time updates on when the HoT map metas are happening

World Boss Timer at Dulfy
For chasing down the big baddies of Tyria